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Astrid Newenhouse

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Associate Scientist and Assistant Scientist, Environmental Resources Center and Dept of Biological Systems Engineering

Environmental Resources Center
445 Henry Mall
Madison WI 53706




Research Interests

Maintaining the profitability of small scale farms. Production systems for farmers to grow sustainable local food. Organic agriculture. Reducing health risks in the workplace (for farmers). Technology transfer. Accessible gardening and therapeutic horticulture. Tools for small scale farmers.


Outreach to farmers about ergonomic tools that increase efficiency on the farm and also reduce health risks. Healthy Farmers Healthy Profits Project http://bse.wisc.edu/hfhp/ Outreach to people who work with women and Hispanic farmers. The results from a study on how they find farm related information and what information they seek. http://www.uwex.edu/erc/sustainableag/

Community Groups

Healthy Lawn Team (Board Member)
Wisconsin Gardener TV Show with Shelley Ryan - WHA TV (Content specialist and occasional guest)