Arlington Agricultural Research Station

When campus-based specialists are ready to try ideas in an outdoor laboratory, their first stop is often the Arlington Agricultural Research Station. Located 20 miles north of Madison, the 2000-plus acre station includes some of Wisconsin’s best cropland, plus greenhouses, laboratories and housing for many types of livestock. In addition, the station operates a central feed mill to provide special feed rations for the many research animals housed on the station. There is no single focus to the station’s research; rather, the station supports a wide cross section of research. The Arlington Station is used by almost all disciplines in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and serves as an important field laboratory for College faculty from the departments of Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Biological Systems Engineering, Dairy Science, Entomology, Forest Ecology and Management, Genetics, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, and Soil Science.

Arlington Agricultural Research Station
N695 Hopkins Road
Arlington, WI 53911