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Anna Zeide

external image Zeide.jpg
PhD Student, History of Science, Medical History and Bioethics; Center for Culture, History, and Environment

Bradley Memorial
1225 Linden Dr.
Madison, WI 53706




B.A. Washington University in St. Louis
M.A.T Washington University in St. Louis
M.A. University of Wisconsin

Research Interests

I'm excited about using food as an intersection point between environmental history, history of public health, and the history of science. I'm currently working on a project looking at how expanding transportation networks and technological improvements led to a standardized American diet, shifting Americans away from a diet that was rooted in seasonality and regional availability. I'll be using canned foods--both commercial and home-canned--as the lens onto this broader topic.


Gregg Mitman

Student Groups

Slow Food UW
FH King

Community Groups

Troy Gardens