Alfonso Morales

Assistant Professor, Urban and Regional Planning
Affiliated Faculty, Agroecology

Office: 104 Music Hall

Phone: (608) 263-4848

My research analyzes the social organization and institutional context of entrepreneurship. The research context is the street market and the business organizations and households found in markets and other non-retail means of earning income. My work analyzes the social, political and economic processes that produce street-level businesses. My research was inspired by pragmatist theory and an interest in public policy. I purse this interest in the social organization and institutional context of entrepreneurship through three interrelated strands of research: Decision-making in Organizational and Institutional Context; Transformations of Self and Society, and Entrepreneurship in Organizational, Institutional and Policy Context.

  • I teach URPL 590, soon to be 711, Markets and Food Systems - and am involved with the Growing Food and Justice Initiative (local and national outreach).
  • I host a guide to public markets around the world.
  • I host a webglossary of urban agriculture - join at:
  • I'm writing a review of public markets for the Lincoln Land Institute.
  • UW Global Studies provided me some funds to host a speaker and conduct webinars to set a scholarly agenda on markets and to canvass government officials about their markets and the role markets play in the city.
  • I write about various aspects of food systems and public markets - alternative distribution systems in the former and entrepreneurship in the latter.
  • I've been invited to Berlin to speak about markets and the street economy, May 2009.

Tags - Assistant Professor, Urban and Regional Planning, Agroecology, markets, institution, social organization, Growing Food and Justice, URPL 590/711, entrepreneurship, urban agriculture, Music Hall